Carlos - Harlequin Macaw

A Helping Wing is dedicated to finding loving, adoptive homes for parrots.  Our goal is to educate families in the care and  responsibilities of proper care of birds.  We accept parrots that can no longer be cared for and adopt them to qualified individuals who can provide them safe and  loving homes. 

Parrots are wonderful, incredible, charming  creatures with strong emotions and superior intelligence.  However, they are  also the most demanding and misunderstood companion animals.

At  times, people don’t understand what they are getting themselves into  when they first purchase a parrot.  This wonderful experience often  turns into something different and very sad for both people and parrots.

Sometimes  people buy parrots for the wrong reasons - they look cute or they can  talk.  However, lives change - divorce, graduation, job loss, illness -  and the relationship becomes more than what a person can deal with.   Parrots are messy, they bite, they’re destructive and they scream!

We work with these birds to show them that people can, indeed, be trusted.  We attempt to enlighten potential adopters and help them to avoid making the same types of mistakes that brought the bird to us in the first place.